EA and DICE have revealed that Battlefield 3 will include cooperative play for two players, and showcased a demo of the co-op mode in action during its gamescom 2011 presentation.

"Battlefield has always been a social experience, but Battlefield 3 takes this experience to a whole new level and Battlefield 3 extends the in game experience to be available anywhere, whether on your PC, console or mobile devices. Battleblog will keep you informed of every update from your friends, all in real time," said Karl Magnus Troedsson, General Manager DICE.

Co-op missions will offer the full Battlefield gameplay experience, including ground and air gameplay and tight urban warfare. The mission demonstrated on PlayStation 3 saw Troedsson and Patrick Soderlund, EVP EA Games having to rescue a high-value target and escort him to safety.

During the presentation Troedsson said that "Battlefield 3 is the best, modern warfare experience game this year." You'd be a brave person to bet against it going on what was shown.