DICE took its time delivering Battlefield 3 DLC partly because of staff holidays and also because it didn't want to rush out content.

"The big reason that '[DLC is] taking so long' is that we pushed hard on BF3, and lots of developers pushed vacations, parental leave and other things for a while to ship a product they could be proud about," explained a Reddit post from DICE's Alan Kertz.

"After that was done, it takes a while to get people back into the office and up to speed."

He added: "Better from our perspective to wait a bit on the DLC and deliver quality content with plans to deliver different types of content for different types of players over the lifetime of BF3, rather than hurry one map out."

Was that a sly dig at Call of Duty Elite's content drop system?

DICE recently announced three new Battlefield 3 expansions, the fist coming in June.

Via MP1st