EA has been using Autolog in its racing games since Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - developed by Criterion with assistance from DICE - was released last year. Will DICE be adding similar features to Battlefield 3?

Speaking to VideoGamer.com, executive producer Patrick Bach teased that "without going into details with what we're doing with Battlefield 3, we are looking into ways of creating more social interaction with the people on your friends list and in the world. So you get the same feeling, the same emotion that you'll get from Autolog."

Bach also explained how Autolog, in its current iteration, wouldn't work in a FPS.

"Autolog is a very clever feature based on a few factors," he said, "but it's also based on that you can go in and beat a person on the same kind of foundation. You set the time on a track with a car that gets sent over me, that's now my challenge - can I beat you on that track with that car? In a first person shooter that's not how you actually how you play the game. If you shot ten guys, and that's sent over to me, do I then go into another game and shoot ten guys? There's obvious difficulties in translating that directly."

Battlefield has been using social-like features for a while now, such as collecting dog tags from enemies you melee kill. "We're shaping features like that to become more attractive and more interesting," said Bach. "I think Bad Company 2 was the first game where [dog tags] actually popped out and created this mass-market appeal, and [people] got all excited about something that existed before but never popped out in the way that it did."

"I wouldn't be surprised if you see something similar in Battlefield 3," Bach added.

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Battlefield 3 is due for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in November.