Diablo 3 on PlayStation 3 won't support Battle.net, but will offer cooperative local and online play with the ability to trade items.

Also missing will be the online auction house, which currently offers PC gamers the ability to trade in real money.

"Players can trade (whether offline or online) using an in-game menu," a spokesperson told Polygon at PAX East over the weekend. "They just need to be playing in the same game. We should have more details soon."

The first footage of the game running on PS3 has also been released, but it is somewhat underwhelming with noticeable slow-down and fewer bells and whistles than the PC version.


Diablo 3 on PS4 wasn't at the show, and Blizzard wasn't willing to confirm any other home console versions.

"Right now it is just awesome to be able to talk to you and say how cool it feels on a Dualshock controller," lead designer Joshua Mosqueira told Polygon. "So we have no other announcements to make at this moment."

There's still no word on a release date for either version of the game.

Source: Polygon