Tokyo-based independent developer Score Studios has announced a partnership with Valhalla Game Studios, working on multi-format action title Devil's Third.

"We are bringing our extensive experience and development sensibilities to the mix, working alongside Valhalla's already excellent team to bring Mr. Itagaki's latest designs to fruition," said Score Studios co-founder and CTO Paul Caristino. "This partnership also means Score Studios will be expanding to help Devil's Third's development."

"It's also fun for me to make a game together with Score Studios, who are talented and energetic," said Tomonobu Itagaki, CTO of Valhalla Game Studios. "What we got from this partnership with Score Studios is quite valuable. This is something to ensure that future players of Devil's Third will be able to enjoy it greatly."

Score was formed in 2009 and has created award-nominated titles for iOS including Piczle Lines, Flock It! and DM Tools.

Score Studios isn't the first extra help to join the development of Devil's Third. Earlier this year core games boss Danny Bilson said Itagaki and a few members of his team were "in Vancouver at Relic Studios, partnering with Relic on a few really cool aspects of the technology in their game."

The game's still some way off, too, set for release in the year beginning April 2012.