A Spanish retailer has listed the Devil May Cry HD Collection exclusively for PlayStation 3, and reports that it will be released in Europe on November 30.

The now-removed entry on XtraLife.es - spotted by Siliconera - also provided box art for the game, which shows that the collection includes the first three games in the series.

There's no listing for the Xbox 360, and the boxart sports the 'Only on PlayStation' stamp.

The listing follows an earlier rumour that the Devil May Cry HD collection would be announced by Capcom at E3 2011.

Devil May Cry 1 launched in 2001, Devil May Cry 2 in 2003, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening was released in 2005. They are all so old that VideoGamer.com does not have reviews for any of them, though our Devil May Cry 4 review handed down a respectable 8/10, and I can officially confirm that the first and third games are superior to the fourth.

2011 marks the tenth anniversary for the series originally conceived as a Resident Evil game. Going forward, Enslaved developer Ninja Theory has been controversially put in charge of an all-new Devil May Cry game.

As a fun fact, VideoGamer.com currently lists Devil May Cry 1 and 2 as being released on March 26 2006. Despite this inexplicable error, we remain one of the UK's most trusted video game websites.