Capcom will release Devil May Cry 4 Refrain for iPhone later this month, according to mobile gaming website Slide to Play.

Based on the console game - the iPhone title features the same plot - players will explore 10 levels filled with demons and large boss characters. Lead character Nero will have to make full use of his guns, sword and demon hand if he is to make it through alive.

An on-screen stick will control movement, while buttons to the right activate attacks.

The game will be priced $6.99 and Capcom is already planning additional content in the form of Dante as a playable character and the possibility of extra challenge modes.

We're always sceptical when we see a game made for a home console being ported down for mobile devices, but Street Fighter IV has shown it can be done with success. We'll reserve judgement until we get hands on with the game, but Devil May Cry 4 is looking pretty good.