The PlayStation 2 re-release may have been available in North America for some time already, but fans of the series, and those yet to pick up the original, should be pleased to hear that the special edition is on its way for all PAL gamers.

The special edition is essentially the original game, but bundled together with a mass of exclusive content, new gameplay options, and the option to play as Vergil (Dante's evil twin brother) right from the get-go. With Vergil players will also have to master his own unique 'Dark Slayer' fighting style. Another addition to the character roster is the Jester enemy, previously only seen in cut scenes, which has now been implemented into the game as a new boss character.

How you play the game has also been tweaked, with adjusted difficulty levels (including a new 'Very hard' mode), a new turbo option that increases the game speed by 20%, and a tweaked continue system. Yellow orbs remain, allowing you to restart from the last checkpoint, but now a gold orb system is also included. These allow players to continue unlimited times and resume from the same spot.

Two new modes also make it into the special edition: Bloody Palace Mode is a game of survival with Dante pitted against an onslaught of enemies, and Movie Mode allows players to watch unlocked cutscenes.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition is scheduled for release across PAL territories on September 29, 2006.