Speaking to develop, Eidos Montreal studio head Stephane D'Astous has revealed Deus Ex 3 is being created using the in-house Tomb Raider next-gen engine.

"I'm relieved that here at Eidos we have two great internal engines - one from IO Interactive and one from Crystal. We chose the Crystal engine because we plan to help develop this engine more and then share it back with the rest of the company, the other Eidos studios," said D'Astous.

"Having that technology from the start gives us a great advantage and foundation for our coders - there are no doubts about the approach, and we have few uncertainties. We just want to all work together on improving the same technology as we develop our game."

D'Astous also revealed that after Deux Ex 3 the Montreal-based studio will be working on a new game based on an existing Eidos property, with the third game set to be wholly original.

"... we have a good three step process that not only helps grow the studio but lead towards original IP. I'm really happy with the plan. We're ahead of schedule too," said D'Astous.

Deus Ex 3 is in development for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. No release date has been announced.