The Golden Compass has been performing reasonably well in the video game charts, but this moderate success isn't thanks to the game's quality. Released at the time of the blockbuster motion picture the game has sold to children desperate to relive the thrills of the movie, but things could have turned out very differently.

Writing on his blog, Deus Ex and System Shock designer Warren Spector has revealed how he would have loved to have been given the chance to create the game based on the His Dark Materials novels.

A big fan of the novels, Spector wrote: "I've been waiting for Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series to hit the big screen for years. I really wanted to make the game, long before the film came out, but that's another story..."

Spector's involvement would have been no guarantee of a triple-A gaming experience, but given the poor reception to the eventual game, we're pretty sure the result would have been much more enjoyable.