David Cage, auteur game designer of Quantic Dream, is back and badder than ever with Detroit: Become Human, a video game about androids, with many branching paths and choices akin to the set up of Cage's previous game Heavy Rain. In Detroit, however, there are a lot of choices and possible consequences, as demonstrated by a challenging Paris Games Week trailer that, be warned, features scenes of violent domestic and child abuse.

In the trailer, an android named Kara is sent to be the domestic help for Todd and his daughter Alice. It soon turns out that Todd is an abusive father, and has broken many previous Kara models before this one arrived. The player can try and escape with Alice, fight Todd, or do nothing, all choices which lead to a lot of other choices and outcomes. 

Detroit: Become Human is out next year on PS4, and is obviously going to delve into some serious subject matter.

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