Marvelous Entertainment head Yasuhiro Wada has revealed that No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, a PS3 and Xbox 360 port of Wii action title No More Heroes, won't make use of the consoles' network features, but will feature a host of visual enhancements.

"Since we are remaking an SD game into an HD game, most of the models, graphics, and textures are being remade from scratch," Wada told Edge. "In the future, if we are able to put out something truly new in the future, we'd like to include in-depth online functions."

Regarding the transition from motion controls to a standard controller, Wada said: "Since the concept for the remake is to bring the game to a wider audience, we aren't currently considering to use uncommon new technology. Basically everything will be controlled using the analogue controller. We are reworking the control scheme to improve the sense of being in the game."

Wada also confirmed that Lost Odyssey developer Feelplus is handling the port in order to allow series creator Grasshopper Manufacture to work on the sequel and other new projects. The game is, however, in safe hands, says Wada.

"Feelplus has experience working on next-gen systems with Lost Odyssey, so that's another reason I'm confident they can provide a high-quality remake," he explained. "By the way, Suda 51 will be involved in this project in the role of creative consultant."

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is scheduled for release in 2010 on Xbox 360 and PS3.