by on Apr 30, 2018

Destiny’s Music of the Spheres will finally see the light of day

Bungie has announced that it has plans to finally release the long-delayed Music of the Spheres, the musical companion to its 2014 shared-world shooter, Destiny. 

Music of the Spheres was a massive undertaking by former Bungie composer, Marty O' Donnell, and was originally scheduled to launch alongside the alien-blasting loot-'em-up at launch. The eight-piece movement symphony was recorded in collaboration with Sir Paul McCartney, who you may recall also recorded the cringey Destiny theme song, Hope for the Future.

The release didn't happen obviously, with O' Donnell confirming in April 2014 that he had been unceremoniously fired from Bungie. He later filed a lawsuit claiming that he was terminated without cause, with the court later ruling that the former Halo developer had 'breached the duty of good faith.'

Destiny's lost music has been unofficially released by fans who have been piecing together tracks over the past few years. However, it emerged over the weekend that Bungie was planning on taking these recreations down, which caught a lot of attention after O' Donnell tweeted about it. Soon after, it was revealed on the Destiny Reddit page that the studio is now in fact planning on releasing Music of the Spheres officially — apparently neglecting to tell O' Donnell in the process.

There's no release date for Music of the Spheres, but we'll keep you posted. 


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