During its State of Destiny 2 address a couple of weeks ago, Bungie promised that it would be more transparent to its fans about development on the online shooter. It seems to be sticking to this with the release of Curse of Osiris 2 so far, as now the developer has made a blog post outlining some changes it intends to make in regards to content access to those who don't have the new DLC.

The latest developments have been centred around the fact that some players discovered that after the release of the Curse of Osiris pack, some content, including exotic weapons, that was previously available to all players now required the DLC in order to unlock them. Writing on the Destiny blog, Bungie has admitted: 'It’s clear that we’ve made some mistakes with how we have handled content access.'

The way the system was originally intended to work in Destiny 2, according to the developer, had come about after seeing what they considered some of their best content such as Vault of Glass in the first game became irrelevant as further expansions saw players increase in power level. As a result, they intended all Prestige difficulty content to always rise to the new level cap that would be available through expansions. However, this also had several side effects such as making Trials of the Nine out of reach, as well as the unintended side effect of disabling achievements in the game, which Bungie said 'was an unacceptable lapse on our part, and we can understand the frustration it has created.'

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Screenshots

As a result, Bungie will be releasing a hotfix that will see the Prestige Raid's level requirement and rewards drop back down to 300 (from Curse of Osiris' 350) which will allow players to obtain The Prestige achievement once more, as well as re-allow access to an Exotic shotgun. Trials of the Nine and normal Nightfalls will now only require DLC to be owned if they take place on an expansion's map.

Prestige Nightfalls however, will remain at the new level cap, but will no longer be required to unlock The Prestige achievement. Further, Bungie plans to add a new, third difficulty level to all Prestige activities that will always scale to the new higher level cap of each expansion, in order to retain a Prestige version that will be available to all.

Finally, today's scheduled Faction Rally has been postponed, but going forward all time limited activities such as Faction Rallies, Iron Banner and The Dawning, will be available to all players and it'll only be seasonal awards that launched with Curse of Osiris that will require players to own the expansion.

All these changes are expected to go live during the end of scheduled maintenance later today. Will it be enough? Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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