It’s Friday which means it’s time for Xur, the tendril-featured merchant of Destiny 2 to make his return. This time around he’s returned to Nessus, and once again he’s taken to the trees. He’s a cheeky wee monkey this one. You’ll find him near the Watcher’s Grave fast travel point, and if you’re unsure where to find him check the planet map.

Xur is selling a range of items this weekend, and if you don’t want to spoil the surprise you may want to look away now.

This weekend’s featured weapon is the Fighting Lion, which is a grenade launcher that’s yours for 29 Legendary Shards. I’ll be honest, it’s not the best weapon yet, and arguably one of the worst in the game. The main reason to bother getting this is to complement your growing exotic collection.

The Knucklehead Radar is a mid-tier exotic helmet for all the Hunters out there. It’s on sale for 23 Legendary Shards, and comes with a neat little perk that gives you a radar when aiming down the sights. It’ll come in pretty handy in the Crucible or during the Iron Banner.

Titans get a pair of new boots this week. Peacekeepers are recommended for those heavies who love to use submachine guns, and ensure you’ll never need to reload. In comparison to the other Titan exotics however, I’m not sure they’re the best. These cost 23 Legendary Shards.

Last and by no means least, there’s the Wings of Sacred Dawn, and this is also on offer for 23 Legendary Shards. This is a chest armour piece  that Xur was flogging during his first appearance. It’s a pretty useful addition for those who like to dabble with the Dawnblade subclass, but it’s not an essential pickup by any means.

Each of the items being sold will come with a max power level of 270, and has a base power of 265 along with the Legendary purple mode that boosts the total value by five. Just remember that Xur's weapons scale to your character's power level, so don't buy anything with your lower level alt character(s).

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