Mr Xur's doing his regular transactional duties in Destiny 2, and this week the vendor's sitting back in his cubby-hole in The Rig area of Titan – as usual, check your map for his icon if you've not seen him before to track him down precisely.

Hard Light is the weapon of choice this week, it's an auto rifle that boasts the Volatile Light perk, meaning rounds fired have no damage falloff, ricochet around any hard surfaces and over-penetrate any unfortunate enemy who happens to be standing in front of the barrel. Also significantly the weapon lets you change its core damage type, meaning you can switch between Solar, Void or Arc via the menu between engagements.  It's yours for 29 Legendary Shards.

There's an unusual bit of variety in the types of armour on offer this week. For Hunters the Lucky Raspberry chest piece is your Exotic selection, whose Probability Matrix perk increases the chain capabilities of Arc Bolt Grenades and gives it a chance to recharge whenever it deals damage. 

Titans and Warlocks meanwhile have a pair of gauntlets each to choose from. For Titans, the Synthoceps increase melee lunge range and damage when surrounded, while the Karnstein Armlets for Warlocks grant health recovery and melee, grenade and class ability energy upon successfully-landed melee attacks. All three of these will cost you 23 Legendary Shards.

All four items are available as always at a max power level of 270 or scale to your level if you're not yet at the cap, and Xur will be in his spot all weekend until the weekly reset on Tuesday. Happy shard-spending!

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