DayZ may still be a long way off from being finished, but that hasn't stopped creator Dean Hall contemplating life beyond the open world survival horror.

In an AMA on Reddit, Hall told fans that once development on DayZ is finally complete, he's looking forward to "setting up my own studio, working with really creative people, funding recent uni grads to make their own crazy games, [and] trying to make the 'ultimate' virtual world survival game".

He also wants to go into space.

"I wish I could spend my life learning about the universe," added Hall. "I love just reading about things and watching documentaries. I love seeing science things in person too. That's why I want to go into space."

DayZ launched on Steam Early Access in mid-December and went on to sell over one million copies within its first month. Development on the game is still far from over, however, with the game not expected to go into beta for another 12 months.

The AMA is still ongoing at the time of writing. Head on over to Reddit to check it out.