EA's E3 conference doesn't begin until 9pm BST this evening, but loads of new Dead Space 3 information has been revealed by a NeoGAF user who has got hold of the latest issue of Game Informer magazine.

The headline info is that the competitive multiplayer seen in Dead Space 2 has been jettisoned out of the airlock, with Visceral now focusing on delivering a drop in/out cooperative multiplayer experience - info which matches up with the leaked Dead Space 3 screens from last week.

The game is said to be set on an ice planet, with hero Isaac Clarke teaming up with John Carver, another engineer. The mag reveals that playing co-op will earn you extra cutscenes not seen when playing alone, but reassures that you won't miss out on the story if you're on your lonesome.

Visceral also revealed that there will be less linearity this time around, with players being given optional side-missions. New enemies, including the Snow Beast, will test out the game's new cover system, while combining weapons will hopefully give Isaac and John the edge.

Dead Space 3 is due for release in February 2013.

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