DayZ could come to the PS4 creator Dean Hall has admitted in an interview with EuroGamer.

Speaking at this year's E3, Hall said: "We talked to both [Microsoft] and [Sony]. But, as I'm sure you're aware, Sony lets you self-publish and they don't make you pay for updates. Microsoft requires you to have a publisher. They have no digital distribution strategy and they require you to pay $10,000, or whatever it is, for updates."

When pressed to clarify, Hall continued: "I like what I saw on the PS4. I like what I saw on the Xbox in a lot of cases as well. I'm not s***ting on them. I'm kind of hopeful that Microsoft has just forgot to talk about its indie support. Maybe I'm being a bit naive."

Considering that DayZ is yet to see its PC release it's unlikely to happen anytime soon, but it could be seen as another feather in Sony's cap as it walks away from what many are deeming a very successful E3 for the Japanese company.

Source: EuroGamer