An alpha version of DayZ in its standalone form has an internal release date, but it isn't something ready to be communicated publicly yet, the game's creator Dean Hall told an audience at Rezzed.

"I guess the big question that a lot of people have is when we're actually going to get this out," said Hall, speaking at the show this weekend.

"We've set a date now - a window of about a week," he added, but wasn't ready to reveal "when that is".

With any luck the wait for the alpha won't be too much longer.

"We really feel like we have to get the alpha out and start getting player feedback on where we're at here," said Hall, pointing to the possibility of the game coming out "this summer".

DayZ had been planned for a standalone release last Christmas, but the project become more ambitious and therefore required more time in development. Let's hope Dean Hall and his team are able to meet the current alpha date, whatever it might be.

Source: Eurogamer