Future games produced by Quantic Dream may be written by a team of writers headed by David Cage, rather than solo projects taken on by Cage himself, the CEO told VideoGamer.com at gamescom last week.

Cage was talking about team-based writing popular in the TV industry.

"The evolution of the format, the evolution of the studio, requires that more people become capable of writing this kind of stuff," explained Cage. "I'm very interested in what's going on with TV series, where's the showrunner and a team of writers, writing in the same direction. And this is actually what I'm building at our studio right now.

He added: "I have ideas for the next four or five games. This is what I love and I really enjoy but at the same time, instead of me spending a year away from the studio writing the damn thing, I could work for the team - people who could be more talented than I am, and bring in new ideas that I've not thought of - and work together in creating this thing. So, we're starting on this right now."

However, transitioning from writing alone to with a team brings with it other obstacles to overcome.

"My studio has been there for 15 years, and I've bet everything, again, on the fact that Beyond is going to work in my favour this time. So that's a lot of pressure, and it's easier for me to take this pressure if I feel I'm in control of the story, because then if it fails, it's my personal failure. It's easier to accept than if it's someone else's failure."

Beyond: Two Souls will be released in 2013.

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