by on May 1, 2018

Dark Souls Remastered’s network test lets you invade someone else’s game

Bandai Namco Games has revealed you'll be able to muscle in on another player's game in the upcoming Dark Souls Remastered network test, which kicks off next week for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners. Sadly, Switch users will have to wait this one out.

The network test will allow you to get a taste of From Software's gothic death simulator, which has been given a current-generation facelift, with the Undead Parish location available to either summon co-op partners or invade another person's game. 

Bamco's confirmed that you'll be able to download the client for the network test from today until May 8, although it doesn't appear you need a PlayStation Plus membership to take part in the event (Xbox One owners need Xbox LIVE, however). The network test itself will run May 11-12 from 2.00am BST until 7.59am BST.

Dark Souls Remastered will be subjecting players to a grisly death from May 29 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a Switch release due in the summer. 


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