Whether or not we see a sequel to the surprisingly entertaining hack 'n slash Dante's Inferno is not a decision to be made by developer Visceral Gamers, associate producer Zach Mumbach has told Joystiq.

"We sit in one building on one floor, so we're completely isolated," explained Mumbach. "We work with marketing sometimes and PR sometimes, but when it comes to big business decisions - and this works both ways - you don't see John Riccitiello coming at me like 'You guys need to change this, you need to change that.' At the same time, we're not making the call on whether we do a sequel [to Dante's Inferno]."

And while Mumbach believes that a sequel will happen should there be enough interest, it's not a call he can make.

"I'm sure that if enough people are like, 'I got 60 dollars for Purgatory or Paradiso,' then we would make that game," he added. "But I don't know. I don't get to make those decisions."

Having sold around a million units since its release early this year Dante's Inferno is by no means a runaway success, but many a publisher would bite off your hand should you offer a million unit sales for a new IP. The franchise clearly has a natural progression, too, using Dante Alighieri's poem Divine Comedy for further inspiration.