Curiosity server issues have left many players of the mysterious mobile game a little short changed, after in-game coins were lost and connection times resulted in many losing interest.

In a new post on the 22cans website, developers Paul and Tim - responsible for the Cube servers - have written a message to those playing Curiosity.

"We know and feel for those of you who have suffered with lost coins and bad connection times on Curiosity. We deeply regret and apologise for the issues that have caused those problems or indeed any other frustrations," reads the post. "The point of this communication is to take responsibility and admit that we messed up by misjudging the performance of the system under the load when we went live.

"For those of you who are technically minded, in order to get it back online we increased our server count by 14 times but unfortunately also had to disable a number of systems which were bottlenecks. Most tragically among these was a system to reconcile your coins across multiple devices and within your Facebook account if you pressed the button to log in.

"The new servers have now greatly improved the connection issue and you will be able to join in when you want to."

However, don't update, uninstall or press the Facebook button as coin reconciliation is not online, meaning you'll loose all your coins.

The post continued: "Along with maintaining the stability of the system our highest priority is to release an update which eliminates any future loss of coins by users as a result of pressing the Facebook button or upgrading. This update is in the pipeline and being submitted for review by Apple today, and will be released on Android first within the next few days. We will let you know as soon as we have the actual release date."

But will anyone still be curious about the cube once all the server issues are ironed out?