EA and Crytek have just announced the autumn release of Crysis Warhead and already new information on the game has come to light.

The game's box art features the Games For Windows LIVE logo indicating the PC FPS sequel will feature support for gamertags, friend lists, Achievements and more.

Games For Windows LIVE is a free service in its Silver form, offering PC to PC multiplayer, but a Gold premium service is also available. This Gold version includes advanced features such as multiplayer matchmaking with friends, TruSkill matchmaking, multiplayer achievements and, if supported, cross-platform gameplay.

Look out for more on Crysis Warhead this summer.

Update: Crytek community manager Alexander Marschal has posted on the Crysis forums informing fans that the box art is not final and the "LIVE" functionality is also not confirmed.

"The packshot is not the final version, so do not pay too much attention on the details you see on there. It is a teaser how it may look like in the end. Additionally the "Live" symbol doesn't mean much," explained Marschal.