Cryptic executive producer Dan Stahl has left work on the MMO Star Trek Online, it has been announced.

According to a farewell letter on the official Star Trek Online website, Stahl explains that he has chosen to move on in his career, stating the game is in safe hands with publisher Perfect World.

He adds that the former lead programmer on Star Trek Online and current CTO of Cryptic is returning to manage the project "and ensure that the free-to-play launch goes off without a hitch".

"Free-to-play is something that I've always wanted for this game because I have seen the value and success of that business firsthand by watching Champions. Having Jack and Craig as leaders of Cryptic is also something that has greatly benefited Star Trek Online. They both love and care for this game and are more involved on a day-to-day basis than you may realise. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for the opportunity to have worked here. It is a highlight in my career and something I will miss when I am gone."

It was announced the MMO would be going free-to-play by the end of the year.