CryEngine performance on PS4 yields similar results to the engine's performance on Xbox One, Crytek's US engine business development manager Sean Tracy has told GamingBolt.

Quizzed on the two new-generation systems, Tracy explained: "In terms of Xbox One and PS4 we are finding the similarities nice, however, there are still drastic differences. A challenge right now for us is actually supporting all the previous AND Next Gen platforms in a single code base. This is a very difficult thing technically as there are version differences and different requirements for each platform, this includes Wii U as well. With all that said, however, we are doing very well in this newest generation as we've maintained PC parity with the platforms."

Regarding the difference in optimising on the two systems de added: "As we technically only have a single shipped game on Xbox One and none for PS4 I can't go too deep in answering this. Optimizing the CryEngine for the next-gen really centred around bandwidth allocation and was one of the biggest reasons we switched to a new g-buffer layout which allowed all light computations to be done on a compute shader. This significantly improved our performance. Further improvements like pre-calculating sun shadows on some of the large shadow cascades made a very big reduction in drawcalls and thus increased performance further.

Regarding the PS4 vs Xbox One debate, Tracy added: "Again it's a bit difficult to speak in terms of a comparison between the two platforms as Ryse was never run on a PS4. We have found though that testing the CryEngine on PS4 yields similar results."

As for the Xbox One's supposed eSRAM bottleneck, Tracy believes skilled developers will figure out ways to work around such issues.

"Game developers are masters at engineering workarounds to hardware limitations and I think you'll see unique and novel technology developed just for such a purpose," he explained.

What's next for Crytek remains to be seen, but there's no better time to announce projects than at E3, which is just around the corner.

Source: GamingBolt