James Orry by on Sep 28, 2006

Crossfire to debut on Xbox 360 and Games for Windows

Crossfire draws its inspiration from the Special Activities Division – an elite group of operatives who can be dispatched to conduct covert military operations. Members of the unit must bear no identity, no objects, papers or clothing that could link them back to their employers.

The game is in development at Pivotal Games (the guys behind the Conflict series of games), and is described as a two player co-op first-person shooter, set in today’s delicately balanced political climate. The game focuses on two covert operatives, both experts in weapons and military tactics, and players are given the freedom to seamlessly switch between the two men.

Crossfire will feature fully destructive environments and Hollywood-esque explosions, which, together with an intuitive control system that encourages the gamer to focus on the action, should make for a high octane experience.

Being able to develop a true next generation title is always both exciting and challenging,” said Darren Barnett, Development Director, Eidos. “We are able to utilise the power of Xbox 360 in so many different areas, such as making use of true next-gen lighting techniques, designing fully destructible environments and really exploiting the game’s concepts into new multiplayer areas with the Xbox Live online game service. CROSSFIRE will offer a new approach to the next-gen FPS genre.

Crossfire is currently only a working title, and the game is pencilled in for release for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows in 2007.


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