Criterion has dropped the greatest hint yet that it's working on a new Burnout game, asking fans to "be patient" if they'd like to see a "decent Burnout game".

Discussing the work of ex-Criterion colleague Adam Sawkins, who broke away from the team to develop indie smash 'em up Truck Stop, studio head Alex Ward tweeted:

"If you want a decent Burnout game you'll just have to be patient with us. That's all I can say. Oh, and our lawyers are watching."

Ward appears to be frustrated by Sawkins' claims of being "one of the creators of the Burnout series," stating in a series of tweets:


"Hmm... 'Burnout dev' - rem Adam coded the sound on Burnout 2. A long time ago. Coded, not designed. Let's be clear.

"If you're going to pass yourself off as "Burnout developer" at least be known for making a strong contribution to the series.

"This will all end up a bit Stuart Black again if we don't say anything. Because erm, he DID Black right? Of course he did. (yawn)

"And for the record, he always made it clear he disliked Burnout 1 and Burnout 2. Guess he changed his mind now eh folks?"

Ward revealed that Criterion had been reduced to a team of 16 people earlier this month, with the remainder splintered under the Ghost Games label.

He later added that the decision was "completely our choice" and that it "would rather work a small team all focused on gameplay rather than a huge team split by discipline."

Criterion is currently working on an unannounced title. Its last Burnout game, top-down downloadable spin-off Burnout Crash, launched in September 2011.

Source: @AlexanderJWard