Criterion has said that it's "highly unlikely" it'll ever develop a sequel to Burnout Paradise, just hours after the studio hinted that Burnout Paradise 2 could be in development.

"If we were to make a sequel to Burnout Paradise - what should be in it? #BurnoutParadise2", Criterion's creative director Alex Ward tweeted on Friday night, prompting Burnout fans to send in suggestions for what they'd like to see.

However, Ward appeared to question users who suggested that the series should return to its roots, rather than continue being open-world.

"How does no open world mean more fun?", he replied to one user.

"Lots of tweets about Crash Mode. Perhaps though, like Fawlty Towers, The Office and Phoenix Nights - great memories should stay great?"

Hours later, though, Ward clarified his initial tweet, suggesting that it was "highly unlikely" the studio would ever develop a direct sequel to Burnout Paradise.

"To be clear folks I was just 'asking the audience' a fun question on our fifth anniversary. Highly unlikely we would."

A future Burnout game still seems likely, though. "Just like James Bond....The Burnout Team always returns somehow," he told one user.

Ward is expected to be working with EA's newest studio Ghost on a future Need For Speed title.

Source: Twitter