Creative Assembly has apologised to Total War: Rome 2 fans for the "totally unacceptable" issues experienced by some players following the game's launch.

In a post on the official Total War forums, creative director Mike Simpson acknowledged that the team had "failed some [fans]" and pledged to release a new patch week on week until "the problems are gone".

"We just wanted to reassure you that we do know it's an extremely annoying and frustrating time for some of you at the moment and we are working around the clock to sort out those issues that you are having," said Simpson.

"The first patch has just gone up - it's not trouble-free we know and are fixing with a hotfix, but there will be another next week and every week after that till the problems are gone."

Creative Assembly released the first patch last Friday, which it claimed fixed some lock-ups and improved the frame rate. But players are still complaining about ongoing issues, with one claiming that the patch "made it worse".

"At the moment it may seem that the changes are slight, but they aren't the only ones we are working on currently and bigger changes are happening now for future patches," continued Simpson.

"If you are having a problem, it is totally unacceptable and a big deal for us, please know that we are spending all our dev effort on fixing outstanding issues."

Though a 24 hour support system has been set up, Simpson claims that only 2 per cent of Rome 2 players have reported technical issues with the game - a number he accepts as being "too many".

"Rome 2 is a big and complex game," he continued, "and, especially on PC, we are always conscious of the wide variety of different combinations of hardware out there and, while we do test extensively before launch, it is clear that we have failed some of you and we will look at the way in which launch games in the future.

"Again, I know this is scant comfort to you if you have a set-up that is not performing well, but we do intend to fix your specific problem - whoever you are and whatever it is - as soon as we can."

A second patch for Rome 2 entered beta yesterday.