Creative Assembly and SEGA have today taken the lid off the first entry in their newly established Total War Saga spin-off series entitled Thrones of Britannia with a trailer and some initial information of what to expect.

The game will take place in the British Isles around 878AD, just after the invasion of The Great Heathen Army and will feature an all new 'highly detailed' campaign map along with ten new playable factions and new mechanics. While all the factions are yet to be revealed so far CA confirm that Viking settlers, Anglo-Saxons and 'certain Gaelic clans' will be among them. 

In detailing what qualifies as a Total War Saga game, CA describes it in their FAQ from earlier this year as being bigger than a standard Campaign Pack while not being an entirely new era-spanning Total War game like the main entries in their franchise. Sagas won't introduce new eras, but follow on from previous ones. To that end Thrones of Britannia will be based on the Total War: Atilla engine, but will not require the former game to run, instead being a standalone title.

There's no price or date for the game outside of a vague 2018 window at present, but the first gameplay footage is 'likely' the time you'll see gameplay footage. It'll release both digitally and in boxed form in some territories, although only on Windows at present.

More information can be found on the Total War blog.

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