A new Crackdown game could be on the way to Xbox One.

An image of the Crackdown orb (spotted by NeoGAF) appeared in one of the tiles on the console's dashboard during Microsoft's Xbox One conference, suggesting that the series could be making an appearance on the next-gen console.

Microsoft plans to release 15 exclusive titles on Xbox One within the first 12 months of launch. Crackdown 3 could be one of them.

But a new Crackdown may not be the only game accidentally revealed during Microsoft's show.

To the right of the screen, a still from another unannounced game showing a cartoony Knights Templar and the Rare logo also appears to be visible.

The image could be the first look at Rare's "historic" IP, which Microsoft is expected to reveal during next month's E3.

Xbox One launches worldwide later this year.

Source: Xbox Reveal (via NeoGAF), Polygon