Ruffian Games could be working alongside Crytek on Microsoft's upcoming Kinect title Ryse, according to a new report.

As spotted by Superannuation (and reported by Kotaku), the online CVs of multiple Ruffian team members suggest that Microsoft drafted in the studio in late 2010 to help Crytek on the historical combat title.

One Ruffian developer said that he "worked with designers to block out and develop a multiplayer map for a first person melee combat game based in the CryEngine".

Another said that he "code lead on an unannounced third party project using CryEngine 3 [that] makes extensive use of the Xbox Live server platform and Kinect." His CV goes on to say that his work "focussed on melee combat [that] required AI capable of evaluating dynamic combat situations."

Sounds a lot like Ryse to us.

Ryse was announced during Microsoft's 2010 E3 press conference under the name 'Codename Kingdoms'.

The game is yet to be seen in action, however a teaser trailer released in 2011 revealed that the game is a first-person Kinect combat title that puts players in the role of a Roman warrior.

As well as developing 2010 open worlder Crackdown 2, Ruffian Games has previously contributed to other first-party Kinect titles, including Kinect Star Wars and upcoming fitness game Nike+ Kinect Training.

Recent rumours suggest that development of Ryse could have been shifted onto the next-generation Xbox.