Imogen Donovan by on Oct 10, 2019

Crackdown 2 dev Ruffian Games hiring engineers to work on multiple unannounced Rockstar titles

Ruffian Games has posted job opportunities to work with its studio to develop multiple unannounced games with Rockstar Games (via The Scottish Games Network). 

Excluding Crackdown 2, Ruffian Games is best known for its BAFTA award-winning Quarrel, along with titles like Nike+ Kinect Training and Star Wars Kinect. The Dundee developer has recently closed its collaboration with 343 Industries, having brought Halo Reach to The Master Chief Collection. It’s not stopping to smell the roses, though, as it has advertised openings for engineers to join a project partnered with Rockstar Games. 

Positions range from senior engineer to graphics engineer to user interface engineer, and all would require ‘generalised experience in multiplayer action games developed for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and future platforms.’ That last part is interesting, given that the PlayStation 5 was officially unveiled yesterday, and is set to hit the shelves at the same time as Microsoft’s Project Scarlett.

These are permanent postings at Ruffian Games and candidates will be hitting the ground running on games that are already in production. In an interview with StayAbode, former Rockstar Games 3D artist Angith Jayarajan revealed that he was a part of a couple of confidential projects. ‘I worked on Red Dead Redemption 2 and a couple of games I can’t name yet,’ Jayarajan kept the details close to his chest, understandably.

Ruffian Games has said that it will be on the lookout for people from other disciplines to help out in the future, inferring that these titles are in the very early stages of development. Rockstar Games could be working on a totally new IP with the Ruffian Games team, or it could be adding to its padded portfolio of properties. It still owns the rights to Max Payne, so it might be Max Payne 4. Grand Theft Auto 6 is within the realms of possibility, because the incredibly influential Grand Theft Auto 5 released over six years ago. Bully 2? Well, Rockstar Games sources reportedly revealed that a sequel was created and even got to its playable stages, but ‘never got off the ground.’

We don’t know much more than this, but once we do get an official update, you’ll be the first to know. 


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