The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta, set to begin in October, has been delayed, Valve's Chet Faliszek has revealed.

The decision was made as a result of feedback from professional Counter-Strike 1.6 players.

"They gave us a lot of feedback on things we should get in the game before we release it, otherwise we're going to be getting a lot of bug reports or a lot of feedback and it would just be redundant," Faliszek said of professionals, Kyle "Ksharp" Miller and Ronald "Rambo" Kim.

"There's going to be things we're going to release it with knowing we need to add more, to do more. But just knowing there's some feel and some just operating the game issues that need to be resolved first. We want to get those done first."

As for when the closed beta will now begin, Faliszek didn't say, but 10,000 people will be taking part.

"The biggest thing of those first 10,000 is we have to look at percentage of crashes. You can argue with us on bullet-spray patterns and all kind of things, but crashes? There's really no argument for that. It shouldn't be happening."

He added: "Eventually it will be open and everyone will be playing it; there will be no barrier to entry. We just need to keep building it slowly."

Expect one or two maps to begin with in the beta and the game won't be released until Valve is happy with the product.

"We have no mandate from anybody of when we have to ship this. So we're more than happy to just keep working on this 'til it's ready to ship.

"By the end of this, everyone will be playing the game - it will be the released game that you're just playing. Then, at some point, we'll say, 'OK we're going to release it.'"


Via Eurogamer