Abernethy and Graves have created original sci-fi orchestral scores for Star Trek: Legacy on Xbox 360 and PC, Star Trek: Tactical Assault for PSP and DS, and Star Trek: Encounters for PlayStation 2.

A full 60-minutes of classic symphonic style music has been created for Star Trek: Legacy, the first Star Trek videogame to feature all five actors who portrayed the captains in series.

"We're crafting a game that marries the cinematic appeal of Star Trek and intensity of starship combat, and Rod and Jason captured that beautifully in their score," said Parker A. Davis, Legacy Producer at Mad Doc Software. "We're thrilled with the results and believe gamers and fans of the series will agree it's very 'Star Trek' - very science fiction."

All three games are scheduled to launch later this year, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.