Upcoming free-to-play title Command & Conquer could see a release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile platforms, Victory Games has teased.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com at Gamescom about the possibility of Command & Conquer releasing on mobile with the launch of Frostbite Go, the mobile version of DICE's Battlefield 4 engine, Victory Games' general manager Jon Van Canegham said:

"Absolutely there's potential [to come to mobile]. We're not announcing that we're working on it yet, but because this game and tech is built on Frostbite, whatever platform you hear Frostbite going onto, I think there's a real good chance that we'll be right behind."

And that may extend to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, too.

"Absolutely," Van Canegham replied when asked whether that and the enhanced online infrastructure of PS4 and Xbox One meant that Command & Conquer could also see a release on next-gen systems.

"I can't say we're doing it for Command & Conquer yet but it's obviously a technology that fits right into what we're developing. I think this move to online is a great one for us, for PC... and now that the consoles are moving that way as well it makes it even easier for us to expand the audience."

In addition to discussing potential future platforms, Van Canegham also revealed details on Victory's 10-year plan for the Command & Conquer live service, and suggested that the series' future may be restricted to free-to-play titles.

Command & Conquer launches later this year.