The website for Ubisoft's upcoming survival-horror title has gone live, with new screenshots and a teaser video explaining about the interactive environments.

The game, which pits you as US Coast Guard Tom Hansen, takes place aboard a drifting Russian whaler in the Bering Sea. Of course, this is no ordinary whaler, as poor old Tom discovers, with mutated creatures and all kinds of creepy shenanigans going on. Can Tom solve the mystery and get off alive?

The teaser video shows some of the ways Tom can interact and use the environments as weapons to defeat the hordes of other-worldly creatures. For example, see a floor covered with water? Look for something electrical to so you can electrify it. Somebody left an oil barrel close to a group of zombies? Then it'd be rude not to shoot it until it explodes and sends fiery death to all nearby, right? Hopefully the game will flesh out these ideas to integrate them into the action, rather than it feeling forced upon the player, and come March we hope to find out.

To see the teaser video, screenshots or to sign up for the forum, head on over to the offical website.