Codemasters has told that the rumoured PS3 version of Overlord is merely "rumour and speculation" but has revealed that gamers "haven't seen the last of the Overlord just yet".

Reports that Overlord, a hack and slash with real time strategy elements that first appeared on Xbox 360 and PC in June last year, will be coming to the PS3 originated from Dutch website PS3 Party.

When contacted by, a spokesperson for publisher Codemasters said: "After the release of the Overlord: Raising Hell expansion pack on Xbox Live Marketplace last week, there's been a definite increase in interest surrounding the dark adventures of the minion master. However, although we won't comment on rumour and speculation, I can certainly confirm that you haven't seen the last of the Overlord just yet."

So, nothing official, yet, but expect more very soon. Here's hoping there'll be something special in store for PS3 owners who have had their fingers crossed.