THQ reportedly owes Codemasters over $1 million, according to a claim made by the publisher.

Codemasters filed a claim against the collapsed company earlier this month, alleging that the Darksiders publisher owes it $1,002,714.25 (£656,257).

It isn't known exactly why THQ would owe Codemasters money, but it is likely linked to a distribution deal between the two companies two years ago.

In 2011, THQ announced a distribution deal with Codemasters to distribute DiRT 3, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Bodycount and F1 2011 in the US via its THQ Partners label.

The deal was short-lived, however. Warner Bros. snapped up the rights to distribute Codemasters' titles in the US in 2012.

Amongst others, THQ is also reported to owe $595,000 (£389,411) to Brutal Legend developer Double Fine Productions, presumably for its work on Costume Quest and Stacking, and $19,316.25 (£12,641) to Konami.

Microsoft is seeking over $1m from THQ, too - $888,652 (£581,618) to Microsoft Leasing and $213,772 (£139,921) to Microsoft Corporation - with Sony Pictures, which created the Company of Heroes 2 movie, seeking a claim for $363,152 (£237,656).

Ex-THQ president Jason Rubin also appears to have made claims against the publisher and its subsidiaries in excess of $10m.

THQ filed for bankruptcy in December 2012 and began selling off its assets a month later.

The company announced that it had raised an additional $6.55m from the sale of outstanding assets last night, when it was revealed that Gearbox had acquired Homeworld, and Darksiders and Red Faction had been picked up by Nordic Games.