Codemasters has been forced to take its forums offline after the contract with its forum supplier was allowed to expire.

A statement on the publisher's website currently states that the Codemasters forums are "offline", and features the following message:

"Our current forum supplier contract has come to an end, and we are re-evaluating how best we can integrate our community platform and channels with other online services such as RaceNet.

"Until then, please keep in touch with us via Facebook/Twitter where it's business as usual."

The message suggests that the publisher may not have plans to re-open the forums in their previous form.

Codemasters had developed a large community following on its forums, where fans offered their feedback and discussed the publisher's games library between themselves.

In a further update on Twitter, Codemasters said that closing the forums "was the last thing we wanted. We're doing our best to get something up and running but it will take sometime."

The forums' closure also appears to have taken the Codemasters Blog offline, too; a platform the publisher had previously used to deliver news and updates to fans.