F1 won't be making its PS4 and Xbox One debut this year because Codemasters is re-engineering "the entire game experience... from the ground up" for next-gen consoles, the publisher has explained.

Discussing the reasons why it's taking longer than expected for F1 to arrive on next-gen, community manager Luke Spring explained that the PS4 & Xbox One title is being built on a brand new engine and will feature an array of improvements to physics, AI and graphics over its last-gen counterpart.

"We are making a next gen game! And most importantly we're writing a brand new engine to go with it," Spring said on the Codemasters Blog. "The entire game experience is being re-engineered from the ground up and that's why it wasn't possible to release this year. Rest assured though, in addition to improvements in the physics, AI, and graphics, the game will launch much earlier in the Formula One season, and will then go onto receive a number of digital updates throughout the year!"

Codemasters had been expected to bring F1 to PS4 and Xbox One with this October's F1 2014, but as revealed last week, the new game will only launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

A second F1 title is due for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC next year.

Source: blog.codemasters.com