Code Vein’s Hellfire Knight DLC adds an all-new boss battle today

Code Vein’s Hellfire Knight DLC adds an all-new boss battle today
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Hellfire Knight, the first DLC for Code Vein, touches down today for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and it offers a new boss battle for players to sink their teeth into (via VG247).

“If you take the combat of Dark Souls, leech the difficulty, inject it into the blustery melodrama of an anime, and coat it all with vaguely vampiric frippery, then you get Code Vein,” said Josh of the sanguine role-playing game. It’s a little funky, but it dances to the beat of its own drum, and who doesn’t want to be a mysterious and very chic vampire at the end of all things?

Exactly. Code Vein’s Hellfire Knight DLC arrives today, and it comes with a fierce boss battle against the titular chain-mailed champion. There will be a new side story to embark upon, a new blood code, three new weapons, and extra outfits for your companion. The Fiery Oblivion is a new area populated with powerful enemies, and players will be able to challenge themselves to conquer the arena. 

Code Vein’s Season Pass bundles the three DLCs for the game in one tidy parcel. Hellfire Knight is the first of these, with the next one expected in February, and the final extra expansion targeting March. Each DLC is priced at $9.99, or the Season Pass is priced at $24.99.

Code Vein is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Watch the Hellfire Knight DLC trailer below.