Imogen Donovan by on Sep 23, 2019

Code Vein is free if you give blood during TwitchCon

You can get a free copy of Code Vein if you donate blood at Bandai Namco’s blood bank, to be held over the TwitchCon weekend (via PC Gamer). 

Only the most normal sentences to read here, at VideoGamer. It does seem a little shifty, given that Code Vein is like Dark Souls but with anime vampires. These sanguine types are trapped in the world of Vein, which is an apocalyptic purgatory for Revenants, and I guess it must suck because they’re all focused on escaping the miserable limbo.

But Bandai Namco haven’t gone all What We Do In The Shadows on us. It’s in fact a blood drive for the American Red Cross, which is not only thematic, but helps an excellent cause too. And, donors will get a free copy of Code Vein for their good deed. 


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01 January 2018