Close to the Sun is coming to consoles next month

Close to the Sun is coming to consoles next month
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Close to the Sun will come to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on October 29.

Close to the Sun is an art nouveau-inspired survival horror game from developer Storm in a Teacup. An alternate historical setting means that Nikola Tesla is the big cheese, and journalist Rose Archer has boarded the Helios – a floating hub for the world’s greatest minds – to reconnect with her sister, Ada. Except, it turns out that something has gone very wrong on the Helios, and it becomes a wicked game of survival with spooks around every corner. 

Close to the Sun will also receive a limited physical Collector’s Edition; only 1,000 copies wil be printed, and it includes a bushelful of goodies. There’s a vinyl record of the title theme, a letter from Ada to Rose, a deluxe artbook, a metal pin badge, and physical and digital copies of Close to the Sun.  All of this plus a few extra is priced at $98.66.

Colm acknowledges that Close to the Sun looks very like BioShock, but it is its own thing, and wonderfully balances the sumptuous detail of its world with a pervading sense of dread.