Chibi-Robo! Let's Go, Photo!, an augmented reality scavenger hunt, will launch for 3DS via the eShop on July 3, Nintendo has announced.

The game sees the loveable little robot return in a photo scavenger hunt that uses the 3DS cameras to bring real-world objects into Chibi-Robo's world.

Chibi-Robo has been tasked with opening a museum. The Curator wishes to immortalise real-world objects as NostalJunk to put on display, and it's the player's job as Chibi-Robo to help him fill his exhibition rooms using your very own photographs.

You'll need to accurately line-up in-game silhouettes with real world objects, take the picture and see the objects transformed into the coveted NostalJunk.

European players will have the option to enter NostalJunk Contests to win exclusive costumes for their Chibi-Robo.

Source: Press release