Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory for the Nintendo DSTM has gone gold and will hit stores July 1st. The DS is the first major handheld to get a full 3D version of Splinter Cell. The N-Gage has also received a very respectable 3D version of the game, but the DS version should offer a better experience. The game is said to take full advantage of the DS's dual screens and touch technology. As well as a complete single player campaign the DS release also features cooperative and versus multiplayer modes.

The DS version will include many features not found in existing console versions.

  • All the moves from other console versions plus an all new SWAT TURN
  • Use the touch screen to manage the inventory and switch between vision modes
  • Wireless multiplayer. 2 player coop over 5 levels and up to 4 player versus with 7 maps

We'll bring you more coverage of the game near its release.