Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has teased Capcom's army of fans by revealing the legendary Japanese games company hasn't revealed everything it has in store for 2009.

Speaking in an interview with Develop, Takeuchi told fans: "2009 will also see Resident Evil 5 finally released, and it'll also then see us on to our next step. We haven't shown what Capcom has in store for 2009 yet, so I hope we can surprise you all soon."

Capcom today confirmed its first half of 2009 line-up, which includes Resident Evil 5 (March 13, Xbox 360 and PS3), Street Fighter IV (February 20, Xbox 360 and PS3), Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop (February 27, Wii), Neopets Puzzle Adventure (February 27, Wii, DS and PC), downloadable game Flock! (February, Xbox LIVE, PSN and PC), MotoGP for Nintendo Wii and finally Bionic Commando (2009, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC).

Speculation has already begun as to what game(s) Takeuchi might be teasing. Some say Dead Rising 2, others suggest a brand new Strider game.

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