Capcom and GameStop have announced they'll be hosting a Resident Evil 5 launch party at Union Square in San Francisco on Thursday, March 12, as they countdown to the game's midnight launch.

The event will kick off at 8pm and Capcom is promising plenty to keep fans interested. There will be a whole tent dedicated to the game where kiosks will be set up and players can go hands-on with Resi 5. Attendees will also have the chance to win prizes and giveaways, meet the development team including co-producers, Takeuchi-san and Kawata-san and hang out with the motion capture/voice actors that played Chris, Sheva and Josh.

Most interesting is news that Capcom will be making "new game announcements" over the course of the evening. Perhaps the rumoured Resident Evil game for Wii will be confirmed sooner than anyone expected.

If you're interested in attending you'll find full details over on the Capcom Unity blog.